About Us

Sarojini Smart Learning focus on your Child’s Whole Brain Development.

Sarojini Smart Learning is a 'whole' brain development program combining the Eastern method of learning. We realize each child is unique with her/his potential to be a winner. 'Keeping the Child in Mind' and hence follow the fun learning methodology. This fun learning methodology achieves the objective of making the child achieve excellence not only in academics but also in other fields in his/her life. This requires constant communication between the three - viz. Parent, Teacher and the Child to ensure best results.

Our Mission

Implementing quality systems in all areas and continually improve them through regular feedback.

John F Kennedy once said “Children are the most valuable resource in this world and the best hope for the future” and we truly believe that only if we empower our children we would have a better world tomorrow. By enriching & empowering young children with essential life skills we would be able to ensure that although “we cannot build the future for our children, but we can build our children for the future”.

At Sarojini Smart Learning, we have been working towards developing the mental abilities of our children since November 2010. We have partnered with many schools/organizations to bring this Abacus and Vedic Math program for students. Abacus is a unique program that develops concentration, confidence and visual memory of a child. Shree Abacus has strong growing network with 60 trained teachers, 8 Districts, 5 states, 10,000 Students and 50+ Schools/Franchises across India.


Sarojini Smart Learning Pvt. Ltd, invites you to join the highly successful business of Abacus, Vedic Mathematics and Mid-Brain Activation education program as Course Instructors, Distributers, Franchisee etc.,

You may be male or female, working or non working professionals like Teachers, Educated House wife’s, Private Tutors, Teaching Freelancers, College going Students or Retired Persons who want to engage with Kids/Students can partner with us for exciting career and growth opportunities.